Saturday, January 28, 2012

Engagement Strike! {Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer}

In some circles the word "strike" can be a very unfabulous word.... however, in the world of bowling, it can lead to high fives and squeals of delight! (Okay, maybe some people don't squeal, but in my world of bowling... I squeal...) For Sarah and Dustin, the long glossy alleys, the sounds of crashing pins, and the colorful shoes led them to each other, and their lifelong commitment to one another. Bowling has played a large part in their lives, and with the business in the family, I'm sure it will continue for the many years they will share together as husband and wife.

Thank you to Ideal Lanes for giving us the perfect setting for Sarah and Dustin's engagement session! (And for the fun night of birthday bowling last week! Our crew had a blast!) =)

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Congratulations Sarah and Dustin! Can't wait!






Monday, December 26, 2011

Firefighter, Family Tradition {Binghamton Area Photographer}

No matter if it is a career or volunteer firefighter, becoming a member of the fire service is often times a family tradition. A young son or daughter grows up and watches a parent serve his or her community in a very selfless way and they want to do the same. Firefighters train for any number of circumstances they may come across: structure fires, motor vehicle accidents (anything from motorcycles to the big rigs), medical emergencies, and even water rescue. They train on a regular basis so that at the drop of the tones on their pagers, they can drop what they are doing, kiss their families, and run out the door to respond. Maybe they were just hanging out at home, maybe they were eating dinner with the family, maybe in the midst of bowling on the Wii with the kids. Doesn't matter, someone needs help, and they are called to respoond.

Many people don't realize what it takes, many people just take for granted the fact that if they need help there are "people there" who will help them out. Until I experienced life as a firefighter's wife, I was in the 2nd category. I never thought about the people that responded to emergencies. I never thought about if it was their career that they chose or whether they were volunteering their time to serve the community. It never crossed my mind even once.

My husband grew up watching his father, and as any boy does, looked up to him. His father is a paramedic by trade and also volunteered for a number of years with his local fire department. Now my husband serves in the local fire department with a long list of other voluteers, and our oldest son Colton (currently age 11) aspires to join the department as soon as he is of age. He is proud of his dad's service and looks forward to serving with him. Every year at school his teachers comment on this. It is very much a part of who Colton is. I have to tell you that watching our son is like getting a glimpse into my husband when he was a boy.

Colton came home from school a couple of months ago with a poem he had written called I AM. The poem is about being a young junior firefighter and it brought tears to our eyes when we read it. Listening to Colton read it in his own voice was one of those golden parent moments when you just burst with pride in your child. Words can't even express how we felt. There were some tears that did a better job of that...

This Christmas Colton and I sat down together to look over some images I took a couple of years ago of the kids with Steve in his bunker gear. Colton helped select the perfect image to go with his poem and we put them together to print for Steve and his father for Christmas. He was soooo excited and couldn't wait for them to open their prints! Now that Christmas has passed and the gifts have been opened, I would love to share it with all of you. Before I do, I'd like to say a few thank you's...

Thank you to all of you who serve others in your communities. You are the ones who run to the scene when everyone else runs away. You have something inside of you that is truly incredible that makes your hearts unique. Thank you to the families who support the loved ones in their lives that possess this unique gift, it's not always easy to shift your plans and send them away with a kiss and a quick , "Be safe!"

To my father-in-law, thank you for shaping the man my husband is today. His desire to serve other people in this way comes from watching you. I see that so clearly as I watch and listen to Colton as he grows. To my husband, I'm so very proud of you and so are our children. Thank you for being such a positive role model to our kids. We all love you very much. And to Colton, I'm your mom, so I'll always be a little on the protective side, but I'm proud of your dreams, and I will support you, no matter what. I love you.

I Am
by Colton Luker, 2011

I am a young junior firefighter.
I wonder who will join with me.
I hear the crackling of wood burning, and water rushing out of the hose.
Then th sizzle of water hitting the fire, the roar of the fire engines,
Also the tired breathing of the firefighters.
I see nothing but black, thick smoke in the house.
I want to help my community.
I am a young junior firefighter.

I pretend to put out fire with a hose.
I feel hot and sweaty from the fire and my fire gear.
I touch the leather of the steering wheel in the firetruck.
I worry that someone may get hurt.
I cry when family die.
I am a young junior firefighter.

I understand that it is dangerous.
I say God will protect me when I'm doing it.
I dream that I will do my best.
I try to be good.
I hope other people will join with me.
I am a young junior firefighter.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chelsey! {Binghamton, NY Senior Portrait Photographer}

The blog has been feeling neglected, but I have just the gal to spruce it back up! Miss Chelsey is a senior this year and she has a smile as bright as the sun! Chelsey used to be a music student of mine, once upon a time and the thing I remember most about her was how she used to bounce into my room with a sparkling smile on her face. It's been a number of years now since I've seen her and I was happy to see that her sparkle remains. Enjoy your senior year Chelsey, I'm so proud of you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Imported Sunshine! {Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer}

Those of you who are local to the Binghatmon, NY area know that lately, our skies have been grey and wet, wet, wet! A couple of weekends ago I was getting even more antsy for the sunshine than usual. Joyce and Geoff had made plans to head this way from New Jersey for their engagement session as well as some other wedding planning activities in the finger lakes area.

Thankfully, they imported some of the sunshine from the coast when they headed over! Phew! Granted, we could have rocked the umbrella's and played in some puddles, but I'm not sure Joyce may have had her wardrobe planned for that.

This was the first time I got to spend a good bit of time with just Joyce and Geoff with no one else around. Joyce could not stop laughing! Geoff was talking a mile a minute and he just kept her grinning, giggling, laughing! It was so truly infectious! I love leaving a couple and having my cheeks hurt from all of the smiling and laughing! I cannot wait for their wedding this fall! The finger lakes in the fall... breathtaking location!







Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspirations {Binghamton Area Photographer}

It can be so easy to get caught up in getting things done that we forget to just experience joy and pleasure in the things that we love to do. For me, one of my loves is photography... but, I'm quite certain that is more than a little obvious, right? Usually my joyous moments in photography come in the form of taking shots of my children, but last week I siezed the opportunity to work with some beautiful people that stand a little taller than three apples high.

I recently added a ring light to my arsenal and I have been itching to work with it a bit on my own. Pull together a few fabulous models and I got two evenings of shooting for the bliss of shooting and trying new things! Ladies, (and David!) you were amazing and I thank you for joining in my madness!

With the joy of shooting also came the joy of post processing. Here is one of my favorite results from trying something a little different.

D'LyndL Photography,Deb Luker

I would like to give a special nod to Mr. D for being an awesome sport! He came along with his girlfriend and didn't expect to get in front of the camera. However... he came around a let me snap a few and I'm so glad he did. D, you look amazing! Seriously, ladies, am I kidding? Incredible!

D'LyndL Photography,Deb Luker

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lullaby Baby {Binghamton Area Newborn Photographer}

It seems like just a month ago Mr. J's big brother was this tiny in front of my camera.... ok, so neither brother was very tiny. Both of them weighed in at over 9 pounds! But, I digress! Big brother is toddling around like a champ these days and can't seem to stop kissing his adorable baby brother! Can you see why? These cheeks are super kissable, and I can tell you that Mr. J is the most perfect snuggler! Not surprised though, since big brother gives the sweetest kisses and hugs!

D'LyndL Photography,Deb Luker

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daffodils are almost here!

Spring is coming! The crocuses are blooming and the tulips are pushing forth through the chilly earth. Today's love was being outside in the sun with no coat on, hearing the creaking of the swingset and the giggles of my children. If the "super full moon" weren't out tonight, the darkness might seem like a complete waste! I do suppose it is the perfect time to sit at the computer and work on some of the images that I need to get posted. As the first set loaded, I decided to reminisce a bit and landed on this beauty that set my heart aflutter for spring all over again. This, my dear New Yorkers, is what we have to look forward to very very soon!

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